Keeley Realizer Reverberator Audiomanic Custom Shop Edition

Keeley Realizer Reverberator Audiomanic Custom Shop Edition

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Exclusive Audiomanic Custom Shop Edition, the Keeley Realizer offers 3 distinct reverb modes:

Soft Focus – A lush, surreal recreation of the popular Soft Focus patch from the Yamaha FX500 multi effects processor, a late 80’s rack unit that was used to achieve many signature delay and modulation effects used in the early 90’s. Adjusting the DECAY control changes both decay time of the reverb and feedback for the dual delay. DEPTH controls depth of all 4 chorus voices.

Reverse (Reverse Reverb) – Inspired by the two most popular rack mount reverb effects of the 80’s and 90’s, the Yamaha SPX90 and the Alesis Midiverb II. DECAY switches between 8 different fixed delay times from a quick 150ms all the way up to a half second.

Reverse mode also features an envelope triggered vibrato that emulates the pitch bend from a Jazzmaster tremolo bar(think MBV). Change the DEPTH control will set how deep the ‘term bar’ is pushed. The WARMTH control in this mode is designed to work like the Jazzmaster rhythm pickup tone control.

Hall (Hall Reverb with Ascending Shimmer) – Hall reverb with an octave up. The output of the reverb is fed into an octave up which then feeds back in to the input of the reverb, creating an infinitely ascending octave feedback loop. The DEPTH control will change how noticeable this pitch effect is.

**In addition, open up the back of the pedal for internal dip switches to activate full wet reverb and trails/true bypass options**

Why Audiomanic and the Realizer pedal? Well, simply put I love shoegaze. I love ambient reverbs and I love the vibrato system on a Jazzmaster/Jaguar and this pedal just emulates those soundscapes so well. To get those My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Swervedriver tones in one pedalboard friendly stompbox is a rare find. It's the ultimate shoegaze pedal!
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